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White Dog Black Cat Cafe Review

Over the course of the last couple of months I have non-stop heard great things about the food scene in Green Bay. So many different places all with different atmospheres, price points, and menu options. One in particular I got to visit recently for a Camille’s Choice: White Dog Black Cat Cafe.

This Green Bay cafe has been hyped up from the first time I came across it. Whether it was how amazing the food was or just how unique the vibe felt – the feedback was always positive. So, I took three of my best friends (Larisa, Catie, and Drew) and we made a day out of it. First off, we went around two in the afternoon which seems like an odd time to eat – is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Brunch? We didn’t exactly know what we were looking to get from the experience. We were far from disappointed from the second we walked through the door.

The Atmosphere

The interior of the Green Bay cafe gives you those vintage Paris vibes: the color of the walls, the lampshades, the art they have hanging up. Pinks and blues and white full of vibrance are just surrounding you and you can’t help but feel “in a good mood”. The four of us ordered drinks right away; three of us getting some sort of bloody Mary and Drew getting a spiked coffee drink. We enjoyed our beverages and each other’s company while sitting next to the window drinking on one of the nicest days a Wisconsin winter will give you.

The Food

The important part next – the food. We began with an appetizer of their mushroom caps. There were five so we each had one of our own and then split the last one which truthfully was a perfect intro to our large entrees. The caps were filled with italian seasoning, crab, cream cheese, shrimp and then topped with cheese. Um… yum?! We all loved them! They were one of those “starters” that you could eat about 20 even though you know you shouldn’t. It transitioned perfectly into our entrees.

The variety between each of our meals was first off impressive and second fun to experience. First, I got their blackened ahi tuna with a pineapple salsa and seasoned rice. This immediately reminded me of a summer dish that I would love to eat outside on a cool summer afternoon. The flavors together were bursting with barbecue vibes from the blackened tuna and the fruit gave that little bit of sweetness that pulled the dish together really well.

Next, Catie got something on their brunch menu which was their pulled pork eggs Benedict with a side of potato rounds. Her presentation on her dish KILLED it. For something that sometimes can look a little bland (even if the taste is out of this world) they dressed up the platter very well. Colors that popped from the fresh fruit and the yellow of the hollandaise sauce sprinkled with green parsley?! My mouth is watering just thinking of it. Catie explained that the sweetness of the cornbread mixed with the saltiness of the meat was the perfect combination. She also said the sauce was delicious and not too overpowering like some hollandaise sauces can get.

Drew, he got one of White Dog Black Cat Cafe’s classics – the Hungry Cat. This is a half pound burger stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Nuff said. He devoured the burger and said that the grilled cheese was nice and fluffy and tasted fresh with a good quality burger in the middle. A solid choice for someone coming in with an appetite and a half.

Lastly, Larisa finished us off with some of their baja fish tacos. She got her tacos blackened, however hot chili is also an option. Larisa is a huge fan of fish tacos in general, so she was pretty excited. She said that her fish was nice and flaky and cooked the way fish should be cooked. The baja sauce hit it home for her, she said it had a little bit of a cilantro flavoring to it and paired really nicely with the dish.


Our experience at White Dog Black Cat was amazing and we all agreed it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Whether you spend it sipping on some cocktails (definitely recommend their bloody marys) or enjoying some of their brunch items you will not be dissapointed. The staff all seem like they love their job and truly love their clientele, and will give you the best recommendations if you ask. Highly suggest stopping by on your next Sunday funday!

… or midweek funday. 😉

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