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Wisconsin’s First Roman Style Pizza | Prohibition Bistro

As the first Camille’s Choice in Sheboygan, this was one of the best ways to introduce you all to the food scene in the area. Harry’s Prohibition Bistro truly transports you to your own private world during your dining experience and makes you forget to check the time. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind Roman pizza in Sheboygan, an extensive wine list, or some of the most down to earth staff – Harry’s Prohibition Bistro in Sheboygan is for you.

The Sheboygan Bistro Experience

For this experience, I took my friend Catie and we drove from Oshkosh to Sheboygan excited to try out the well-known Napoleon and Roman styled pizzeria. When you first see the place, it looks so much smaller than what you see on the inside. It’s cute, quaint, and right on the river.

Camille (Right) and Catie (Left).
Wine at the bar in Sheboygan
Wine at Harry’s in Sheboygan

The Atmosphere

The interior is set up to transport you to the prohibition era – all the way from the servers uniforms to the table set ups. Our server was so knowledgeable and made amazing recommendations right away. She suggested both what she enjoyed and what customers tend to lean towards, which is always appreciated to get two different points of views. Catie and I ended up trying one of their specialty cocktails and a glass of their red wine. As we sipped, we ordered a starter of their cast iron mussels.


I say starter lightly because there were about 50 of them for the two of us to split – however we were not complaining. The mussels were cooked so well with their texture being not too rubbery and their flavor being a nice, light, lemon and salty flavor. The fish flavor was far from overbearing and after we finished the mussels we had some fresh bread to dip in the extra oil and lemon they left behind. So tasty it left us lickin’ our fingers.

Roman Pizza & More

As for our entree, Catie and I wanted to get a taste of all the favorites – so we did. We tried three different types of their Roman-styled pizza, which is actually the FIRST Roman pizza in Wisconsin. We tried their Truffle and Hot Sopressata pizza as a half and half, and then a full Peppadew  pizza. The truffle was very different for the both of us, made with mushrooms, truffle oil and truffle cheese. However, we both enjoyed it a lot and it was a bit on the sweeter side so it was a nice mix with the other two savory pizzas. And then my personal favorite was the Hot Sopressata because the hot salami was the perfect level of spice for me and was made with some delicious fresh basil and was well balanced with some light mozzarella cheese. Catie’s favorite was the Peppadew because she loved the garlic aspect mixed with the freshness of the ingredients (once again) with the saltiness of the ham. All three were delicious and their crust on their pizza is truly to die for. 

Catie trying Roman Pizza at Harry's Prohibition Bistro
Roman Pizza in Wisconsin.
The First Roman Pizza in Wisconsin
Camille trying Roman pizza in Sheboygan

Fun Fact: Roman-styled pizza is when they cook their pizza dough three separate times. A first time to bake it, a second time with the toppings, and a third time to crisp everything just right. It’s neat to learn about, and the owner is more than willing to explain the process if you get the chance to visit!

Dessert – Life After Roman Pizza

We couldn’t walk away without some dessert on this experience either because they make many different kinds and are very well known for two in particular. First, their campfire pizza. This is first made with their pizza dough covered in nutella, and then topped with large marshmallows that are toasted perfectly on top. It’s exactly like smores over the campfire with the same charred taste and sweetness of the chocolate – but you can make it in the winter! What more can you ask for?! Second, their tiramisu is award-winning. So naturally we had to try it. It was made so well with the perfect amounts of coffee liqueur compared to chocolate and the layers were so nice and even throughout the piece. Both were so tasty and Catie even said it’s one of the best Tiramisus she’s ever had (she’s a big advocate for them, so that was a big deal). 

Shots in Sheboygan
Celebratory post meal shots from Harry’s Prohibition Bistro

We even got to try some of their homemade limoncello shots as a digestivo after our meal and some of their homemade walnut liqueur. We were very much cared for and everything we got to taste and try was so unique and delicious. Everything was amazing at Harry’s Prohibition Bistro and we cannot stop recommending it to everyone we know who is in the mood to try something new. Our bellies were full and our hearts were happy walking out of the door – we talked about needing to go back this summer to enjoy their patio along the river together almost immediately once we left.

So, maybe we’ll see you there this summer and we can enjoy it together. Cheers!

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