Sweets & The Sheboygan Hard Roll | Exploring City Bakery - Venture Wisconsin

Sweets & The Sheboygan Hard Roll | Exploring City Bakery

Since the 1930s, this German bakery has been making sweet, yet tangy hard rolls. A light, bready tradition in the city of Sheboygan that extends back to its German immigrant roots.

City Bakery has stayed true to its roots, not faltering in their processes, they ferment the hard roll dough for four hours. They’ve learned how to scale the production, but the hundreds of rolls produced each week are made in small batches.

Owner Rick Novis has been working in the bakery for much of his life. He’s the most recent of a few owners over the years, but the traditions remain. City Bakery makes classic sweet treats fresh daily. Think donuts, elephant ears, fritters, and more delicious baked goods.

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