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Sheboygan’s New (York) Deli | Arrosto Delicatessen

The main focus at one of Sheboygan’s newest restaurants is delicious, fresh sandwiches. To illustrate how dedicated they are to flavor they even make their own meats in house. Arrosto Delicatessen is in a historic building at 1418 N 13th Street, just off Downtown Sheboygan.

“It’s a classic Italian deli. We really wanted to bring those flavors to Sheboygan.” Says David on the shop’s sandwich style.

Evan's Sandwich

The New York deli idea was inspired by Paul David’s relationship to New York and his wife Amanda Weber. Weber, from Sheboygan, moved to New York where she attended The Culinary Institute of America. She met David there while they were both living in Poughkeepsie, NY. The two always enjoyed great meals at the delis around New York, especially Rossi’s Deli. When the couple moved to Sheboygan to be closer to Weber’s family, they couldn’t find the sandwiches they were looking for.

“He was so supportive of my starting my event business before I became a teacher.” Explains Weber discussing the origins of New York Deli. “I think I really wanted to do the same for him.”




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