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Salt Therapy in Appleton | The Salt Room

The Salt Room in Appleton provides multiple ways to detoxify the body and provide healing and relief to everyone. In particular, salt therapy can help with cold, flu, allergies, bronchitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, ear and sinus infections, and emphysema.

Salt therapy involves breaking up pharmaceutical grade salt into small particles that can be inhaled and heal the respiratory system. The crazy thing is that when you’re experiencing salt therapy at the Salt Room, you don’t notice you’re breathing in salt. It doesn’t hurt or irritate. It’s a very serene setting and you’re free to enjoy yourself as you please.

You can stack your detox at The Salt Room in Appleton. They have infrared saunas and AMPCOILS that also detoxify in different ways. Start with a sauna, remove toxins and open up the pores, and then move into the salt room for a salt therapy session, and take in the benefits of the salt ions for maximum benefits.

Looking for asthma or infection relief in Appleton? Visit the Salt Room before you need them.

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