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Inside Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen & Tavern

Gabe’s starts with a few, coveted, family recipes. Owner Steve Gabelbauer has been in the Oshkosh food scene for years, opening and managing different local establishments for over a decade. When Gabelbauer was growing up he had a love for his dad’s beer can chicken and his mothers pot roast. In fact, event when Gabelbauer grew up and moved out of the house, his mother would bring him the home cooked meal every birthday. Those recipes, and a few others, went on to become the basis for Gabe’s Wisconsin Kitchen & Tavern.

Gabe's of Oshkosh's Owner, Steve Gabelbaur
Owner Steve Gabelbaur.

Gabe’s opened in September of 2019. It’s an Oshkosh eatery inspired by Wisconsin classics. They have a unique Wisconsin fish fry, high end cocktails, and a clean & modern, yet rustic atmosphere.

You can find the beer can chicken and pot roast themes scattered and tucked into the menu all over the place. Creative items like “Beer Can Mac n Cheese” are fan favorites.

Gabe's Wisconsin Kitchen Pot Roast
Gabe’s famed pot roast.

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