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Inside Appleton’s Moon Water Cafe

Moon Water Cafe is a new local cafe in Appleton, WI that is built on small local businesses. They source their coffee, beer, bread, meat, cheese, ice cream, and more from other small, locally owned Appleton businesses!

At Moon Water Cafe you can expect a cozy, inviting atmosphere. You’ll also find premium, local products, food, and coffee. The coffee is sourced from Appleton’s oldest coffee roasters, ACOCA Coffee. They also offer teas, wine, and beer. The beer is sourced from McFleshman’s and Appleton Beer Factory, both located on the same 600 block of Downtown Appleton.

The owner, Shannon Boegh, was actually the kitchen manager at Appleton Beer Factory in the past. Boegh wanted to open a coffee shop and found the current space unexpectedly. The owners wanted a cafe space to add to the Lawe Street neighborhood where Jacob’s Meat Market is located.

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