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How Hot Dog Charlie’s Paved the Way for Oshkosh Street Vendors

Charles “Chuck” Nichols, AKA Hot Dog Charlie took his hot dog cart to the brick and mortar world of Downtown Oshkosh in 2017. Before that however, slinging delicious hot dogs wasn’t always so easy for Hot Dog Charlie.

Previously, Chuck could be found with his hot dog cart in front of Oblio’s Lounge on the weekends. Making the dream happen wasn’t so easy in the early days of the cart. “It started out a little shaky, I had to jump through a real lotta hoops.” Nichol’s explained, “Because Oshkosh wasn’t used to any food vendors.” After many meetings with the heads of the city, they realized that Nichols had done his homework, and it went smoothly.

After nearly 5 years of running the hot dog cart, Hot Dog Charlie’s the small local shop was born at 9 Church Ave. The shop has been going strong ever since. They still bring the cart around by appointment to events, weddings, and other events. Charlie has consulted with and paved the way for other outdoor food vendors in Oshkosh.

“It just makes me feel real good that this is something that I created.” Nichols explained while describing how the process of starting the business has been. Nichol’s told us”The thing that’s gonna take you the furthest is work ethic.”

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