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Appleton Jamaican Restaurant Shouted Out by Bob Marley

How can an Appleton Jamaican restaurant started in 2019 get a shout out from the late reggae legend Bob Marley who died in 1981? Well… Miss Brown’s Fine Foods II has a legacy.

There’s an original Miss Brown Fine Foods in Negril, Jamaica. A place where tourists come for delicious Jamaican food and “mushroom tea.” A popular attraction for tourists looking for a safe mystical experience which is legal in Jamaica, not in most developed countries. Miss Brown was a well known member of the community and was know to serve the Marley family when they played shows in Negril.

Jean Brown with Ziggy Marley
Jean Brown (right) with Bob Marley’s son Ziggy (middle), Jean’s sister (left), and two tourist friends.

So, it’s interesting to note that in 1973, on the album “Catch a Fire,”on the song “Kinky Reggae,” Bob Marley says in the first verse, “I went downtown. I saw Miss Brown. She had brown suga, all over her booga-wooga.”

Jean Brown, Miss Brown’s daughter grew up in the restaurant, and picked up some of the recipes in the process. She moved to the United States to raise her kids. When one of her sons Phill Brown came of age in Wisconsin and was tired of working corporate jobs, he started selling some of Jean’s dishes on College Ave. during the late night bar hours.

Jerk chicken in appleton, wi
Jerk Chicken, rice and beans, and cabbage at Miss Brown’s Fine Foods II in Appleton.

Miss Brown’s Fine Foods II was born of a historic seed, and now they have a brick and mortar location on Richmond St. under the Richmond Terrace near downtown Appleton. Check out their Facebook for hours, specials, and offerings.

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