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Epic Ice Cream Trail Around Lake Winnebago: 10 Unique Local Shops

Let’s face it… who in their right mind doesn’t like ice cream?! There’s so many different flavors, types, consistencies, toppings – you name it! We were so intrigued by the topic of ice cream with all of this hot weather we’ve been having, that we planned the ultimate day trip around Lake Winnebago – an ice cream trail. Beginning in Chilton, our trail goes all the way around the lake going through Fond Du Lac, Oshkosh, Appleton, and ends up in Sherwood by High Cliff State Park. See the full video here!

Lake Winnebago Ice Cream Trail (10 Local Ice Cream Spots)

We tried 10 different places featuring all different types of ice cream, including: custard, soft serve, hard ice cream, hand dipped, and rolled. If you’re an ice cream fan like us (as you should be), this trail is going to be something you’re going to want to try out for yourself… like immediately.

#1. Scoops Ice Cream HouseChilton

More fat & less air – that is the secret to premium hard ice cream! And boy, is it delicious. With 16 different flavors to choose from and plenty of custom sundae options, Scoops Ice Cream House will never leave someone disappointed. They use all natural flavors and ingredients, and make everything in house. Opening at a whopping 7 AM, Scoops is the perfect family-friendly place you can enjoy at any hour of the day.

Located at 131 E Chestnut Street, Chilton, WI, 53014

#2. GillesFond Du Lac

Originating in 1949, this 1950’s styled restaurant has been known for their family’s custard recipe. Gilles is better known to their fans around the area as “Gillies” more than “Gilles” but is a family favorite in the city of Fond Du Lac. With car hops and cheap prices, Gilles has plenty more to offer than just their sweet and creamy custard options. Here, we learned that the two things that make custard special is how much butter fat percentage is used and that they use a little bit of egg yolk in the recipe.

Located at 819 South Main Street, Fond Du Lac, WI 54935

#3. Kelley Country CreameryFond Du Lac

How cool would it be to eat your ice cream cones right next to the dairy farm that helped the ice cream be produced? Yeah, pretty cool. Well, Kelley Country Creamery is located right in front of their own dairy farm which has been in their family for 159 years! Once again, an ice cream shoppe that makes all their own ice cream, waffle cones, drumsticks, you name it. Local and homemade is what Kelley Country Creamery is all about.

Located at W5215 Co Rd B, Fond Du Lac, WI 54937

#4. Ardy & EdsOshkosh

Known for being the only place around Lake Winnebago with car hops that serve you on roller-skates, Ardy and Eds is an old fashioned, 1950’s styled restaurant which originated in 1948. They began as a little root beer stand which progressed slowly into what it is today. Using the same root beer recipe they did back in 1948, their root beer float is one of their most popular items.

Located at 2413 S Main St, Oshkosh, WI 54902

#5. RhapsodiesOshkosh

Right in the middle of Downtown Oshkosh, sits another custard place on our list – Rhapsodies. A music themed restaurant that has a daily changing flavor-of-the-day with both indoor and patio seating. Take in the music themed decor, indulge in a musically-named sundae, and enjoy!

Located at 1226 Oregon St, Oshkosh, WI 54902

#6. Leon’s Frozen CustardOshkosh

Returning back to the car-hop styled ice cream shoppe on our trail is Leon’s in Oshkosh. Once again, a business with quite a history to the city of Oshkosh with it originating back in 1947 – so yes, the oldest in Oshkosh and the oldest on our trail!

Leon’s has some pretty tasty custard with a rotating flavor of the day, sundae options, and the here-to-stay chocolate and vanilla cones. Their 1950’s style, servers in old fashioned poodle skirts, and vintage colors really make their place pop and make you feel as though you’ve taken a trip back in time.

Located at 121 W Murdock Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901

#7. Wonders Ice CreamAppleton

Known as “the hibachi of ice cream” is Wonders Ice Cream in Appleton. Famous for their rolled style of ice cream and their abundance of flavor options, Wonders is more than just an ice cream stop for us – it was an entirely new experience. Of course we’ve heard of the rolled ice cream trend, but trying it for the first time was really exciting and different than expected. Rolled ice cream looks as though it would have a thinner texture to it, and as if it would lose a lot of flavor in the rolling process. But I can assure you – this ice cream was creamy, dense, and flavorful.

Rolled Ice Cream at Wonders in Appleton

Located at 2730 N Meade St, Appleton, WI 54911

#8. Frio Mexican TreatsAppleton

Where ice cream meets Mexican heritage in Appleton WI – Frio. The owner has a true passion for ice cream and his heritage and wanted to share that with one of the cities he truly fell in love with along the way – Appleton! And lucky us… their ice cream has so many cool concepts and ideas that I never would have even imagined possible! The shoppe likes to invent new sundae’s and experiment different options using churros and other things common to Mexican desserts. With fun, bright colors and intense flavors, Frio is once again an entire experience while enjoying some awesome soft serve ice cream!

Located at 131 W Wisconsin Ave, Appleton, WI 54911

#9. The Chubby SeagullSherwood

After a nice, long hike at High Cliff state park, what sounds better than a nice hand-dipped ice cream cone?! Nothing. The Chubby Seagull is easily within walking distance from the park (if you’re up for it) and has beautiful scenery of the state park all around it. There’s a miniature golf course and many different options of hand-tossed pizza. With rotating ice cream flavors and plenty of fun options for sundae’s… the fun never ends!

Located at N7663 Pigeon Rd, Sherwood, WI 54169

#10. Frogg’s Ice CreamSherwood

Caramel Cashew Sundae at Froggs

Our last stop was truly a great cap off to the entire trail. Frogg’s is a family-started and family-run business with a lot of love and pride. The shoppe is extremely eco-friendly with solar panels on the roof, decomposable straws and dishes, you name it. This was one of the few stops that had soft serve, and boy oh boy was it tasty. Creamy, flavorful, nice and sweet. We got their caramel cashew sundae and it was the perfect balance of sweet and salty. You can feel the love of these people radiate through everything they do!

Froggs Owners (Left & Right) & Some Staff (Middle)

Located at N370 Military Rd, Sherwood, WI 54169

There you have it! The ultimate day trip around Lake Winnebago trying some of the best ice cream the area has to offer. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a scoop or two… where will you go? Leave a comment letting us know which one you’re the most excited to try out first! If you want to see each place in action, check out the full ice cream trail video here!

Until next time.

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