20 Year Old Entrepreneur "Brings the Magic Back to the Fox Cities." - Venture Wisconsin

20 Year Old Entrepreneur "Brings the Magic Back to the Fox Cities."

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Appleton, WI displays tremendous pride for the great magician Harry Houdini. This pride is showcased by the Houdini Plaza Houdini Plaza in the heart of downtown, the Houdini Exhibit at the Appleton History Museum, and even Houdini’s Escape, a local restaurant. In Venture Wisconsin’s search for unique stories and things to do we found RJ.

Houdini Plaza
Houdini Plaza in Appleton. Credit: Appleton Parks and Rec

RJ is a magician who is working to, “bring magic back to the Fox Cities.” A young entrepreneur, RJ is only 20 years old, and attends The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. RJ is inspired to pursue his career as a magician in Appleton by the city’s support of Houdini.
RJ has performed for Fortune 500 companies, such as Kimberly Clark, as well as at the Indianapolis 500! His shows and classes are often planned around events and holidays, so they are best found on his website. His next magic class is Halloween themed and he will be showing how to cut someone in half.
We asked RJ what made him want to do magic as a job. He told us, “I decided I wanted to quit my job at Menards last October. I had just given a Tedx UWO talk
at the first Ted conference in Oshkosh.” While RJ was out to eat later on, he was recognized in public for his Tedx Talk. He then decided, “I couldn’t try to be a public
figure in the Fox Cities and work a retail job at the same time.” RJ recalls, “Just the week before I had seen a kid who took my magic class with his dad buying screws at Menards. It was really awkward because as a magician I need to be larger than life.”
RJ performing magic
RJ performing at a dinner show.

The magician’s favorite show to perform is the 3 course dinner show, and RJ says he, “[has] done somewhere between 50 and 100 shows, “so I am really still a baby.” Still adding things to his shows, RJ is using his marketing education and entrepreneurship to make magic more accessible to the Fox Cities.
We hope RJ’s story inspires you to pursue your dream, and at least try out a magic show next time you decide to plan a date. Top notch live entertainment is great for the Fox Valley, and we hope you all find RJ’s next show to support him. You didn’t hear it from us, but there may be a big event in the works for Valentine’s Day? …Or maybe it was April Fools? We forgot, so I guess you’ll have to follow us on Twitter to find out. Here is RJ’s Facebook page if you want details on all of the shows, did we mention RJ has performed for the children of Ben Stiller and Alicia Keys?
Ever seen RJ in person? Enjoy live magic? Tell us about your magical experiences in the comments and thank you for reading!

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