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10 Outdoor Activities to Get You Outside… That Aren't Hiking

Even the most seemingly boring places that you may live in this world have parks, trails, and natural areas full of potential and unique wildlife. The reason people don’t visit new parks, nature and wildlife areas, and trails is the same reason people don’t read blog posts word for word, it’s not convenient enough for our instant world. A great way to have the desire to explore new places more often, is to have something to do when you get there. Here are some suggestions of activities and hobbies that you can adopt to motivate you to utilize the outdoor areas in your local area.

Don’t just read the headers, find an activity that jumps out at you and plan a day trip around it for next weekend!

1. Climbing

Climbing can be as professional and dedicated as rock climbing or as simple as finding trees to climb. Climbing a good tree is a childhood activity that gets put on the “adults don’t do this” shelf, and really can be a fun way to interact with nature. Exercise caution while climbing, and climb within your abilities.

2. Hammock

If you don’t like exercise, you like to push the boundaries of extreme leisure, or you just enjoy relaxing, hammocking is a great and low key way of getting outdoors more often.

Hammocking/Extreme Leisure Over a Cliff
Extreme Leisure. Photo by Sebastian Wahlhuetter Photography

3. Canoe or Kayak

If you or a family member don’t already have one, a canoe or kayak can turn a local river, even a brook or stream into a new adventure. You can always get a cheap or inflatable kayak or buy a used boat if you’re budget is low.

4. Swim (Be creative)

As with many of these outdoor activities, the more you do any activity, the more doors open to do more of everything. This happens by being becoming more creative and in better shape. For swimming, you don’t need always need a beach, but you may have to become more comfortable with silt or water that isn’t quite as warm as a hot tub. Swimming creatively could involve a ledge dive, cliff dive, skinny dip, or Frisbee. Be creative and careful and you won’t be disappointed. Skinny dip only where it is legal of course.

5. Slackline

All you need is a heavy duty truck strap and two trees to go and slackline. This is another easy activity that can scale as simple or extreme as you’d like.

Person tight rope walking or slacklining

6. Fishing

Fishing is a popular way of getting outdoors for its enthusiasts, but anyone with a license can fish with an old pole, a bobber, and a worm. You can use a boat or fish off the shore. Fishing is a great way to combine two activities. You can fish from the hammock, fish from the kayak, or hike to a fishing spot.

7. Hunting

Although expensive and not for everyone, hunting or trapping is a great way to get in touch with nature and be outside. Especially a good activity during the colder months leading into winter.

8. Break Out a Camera

Taking pictures is a great excuse to get outside and appreciate the small details of nature. If you don’t like hunting or it’s out of season, photography is a great excuse to sit in a blind and wait for animals to show themselves. You don’t need a DSLR or professional setup. Go out and use your phone or digital camera that’s been in your cabinet since 2007.

Girl holding a camera.
Source: Pexels

9. Biking

Biking is limited to trails if you respect the landscape, but consider looking up mountain biking trails in your area or planning a trip. You never know what you’ll find.

10. Wading, Snow Shoeing, or Cross Country Skiing

These are mixed season suggestions, but trudging through a body of water and walking or gliding on snow is a creative way to have fun, see new things, and be outdoors. Once again you can combing these with other activities like photography and fishing.

Here are ten of unlimited activities that can give you an excuse to visit your local parks and small natural areas. This is a list of things that you can do just about anywhere.
Let us know your favorite outdoor activities. They may even be featured in our next post.

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