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Jake’s Pizza

The pizza at Jake’s in Green Bay can only be described as Green Bay’s “Superior” Pizza. The pizza style was made up by two Irish brothers in Superior Wisconsin, and then they found Jake. He opened Jake’s Pizza in 1974, and it quickly became a Green Bay staple.

For a brief moment the restaurant closed, and as the legend goes, “grown men cried when they found out Jake’s was closed.” The shop has been reopened by the Sanders sisters. Cara and Brook opened the doors in a new location closer to the heart of Downtown Green Bay in 2014.

Jake’s “Superior” Green Bay Pizza

The atmosphere at Jake’s is the kind of vintage that calls out to you like deja vu. Almost like you can tap into the memories contained in the building. Its the kind of restaurant where the owners are your friends.

You can grab a pizza, or enjoy some homemade chili, a hot beef or bbq sandwich, or try their “giant meatball” the Bricey’s Spicy Meatball. It’s not a place to rush however, the pizza takes about 45 minutes because everything is made fresh, and they don’t skimp on the process. Saddle up and be ready for a good meal and some smiles.

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