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Hops Haven

Hops Haven started around 2010 when it was purchased from Port Washington Brewery. In the old “Wigwam” sock factory. 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. actually rented a space in the pub until recently. The brewery moved out as they wanted to expand and Hops Haven didn’t have the room in the historic building to accommodate.

“Hops Haven is a place where friends come and meet.” Explained Ashley the general manager. “There’s a lot of room, and so many great games and options. It tends to be a first stop for locals before they head out to dinner or another pub.”

Hops Haven hosts birthdays, rehearsal dinners, and more in their back room. The brew haus has 14 taps, 5 of which belong to 3 Sheeps, Sheboygan’s local brewery. They have a full bar. Happy hour is different every day.

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