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Famous Sheboygan Corner Bar Burgers “Big as Your Head” | Frankie’s Pub

Frankie’s Pub is a low-key corner pub in Sheboygan with a BIG approach to food. Known for their sandwiches, their regular burgers are often described as “burgers as big as your head.” So how do you describe ‘Frankie’s Challenge’ a five and a half pound quadruple cheese burger? A burger as big as your dreams?

Frankie‘s was started born when owner Jesse Frank turned 27 years old. Sick of paving highways, Frank found, “the perfect spot.” A true corner bar over 100 years old. It’s such a corner bar that the Door located on the corner of the building curves with the wall.

Frankie's Pub for Great sandwiches in Sheboygan
Frankie’s Front Door.

Started at 27 years old Jesse Frank wanted to get out of the paving business, and do something he loved. He wanted to run a bar with good sandwiches. Sheboygan is a city known for its hard rolls. Frank created big burgers on 9 inch hard rolls, and he knew he’d found his path.

“Word has gotten out.” Jesse reflected on a moment where a regular customer was in the Florida Keys. “We had a regular on a trip to the Keys, and when they said they were from Sheboygan someone asked them, ‘Have you been to Frankie’s?'”

At 17 lines, Frankie’s Pub had the most tap lines in Sheboygan when it first opened. Frankie’s has huge sandwiches and a huge heart. They serve a Blt with one pound of bacon and all their burgers are 12oz or more.

The Food Challenge

The food challenge at Frankie’s Pub is four 12oz burgers, five pieces of bacon and three cheese slices per patty. If you can eat the behemoth is under 45 minutes, the burger is free. It’s only $45 to take on the challenge alone. If you’re just up for a challenge, order the burger, bring some friends, and take it on as a group for the fun of it.

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