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But Why Not?
Northeast Wisconsin's Podcast & Live Show

But Why Not? is aimed to be Northeast Wisconsin’s podcast. The live show and podcast invites the most interesting movers, shakers, artists, community members, communicators, and creators to share their ideas and to connect to Northeast Wisconsin.

This show is at the heart of Venture Wisconsin’s founder Evan Freimuth. The show is a weekly live stream and podcast that’s goal is to connect Northeast Wisconsin with the rest of the world, and explore new ideas for the region.

Northeast Wisconsin's Podcast in action. But Why Not? Live Show & Podcast
Evan Freimuth talking to Appleton artist “Tyla”

We focus on discovering and forging a voice for Northeast Wisconsin while Evan, Venture Wisconsin, our guests, and you, the audience discover and forge our own voice in the world. We focus on culture, community, art, ideas, and entertainment. Our goal is to create a place outside of corporate media where real people can have real conversations with out the 20 minute constraint and the commercial break.

The show is over 50 episodes in, and has featured Northeast Wisconsin icons like Cory Chisel, Ahman Green, Frank Hermans, The NEW Piano Guys, and more. Our goal is to connect with the Northeast Wisconsin community on as many levels as possible through longform podcasting.

The current schedule for But Why Not? is every Thursday night at 6pm we go live on Facebook. Connect with updates, clips, and links to Northeast Wisconsin’s podcast by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.