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The Go-To Wine Trip Around the Oshkosh Area

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You may be aware that the Oshkosh area has some great wineries. This post will highlight a route for four wineries in the Oshkosh area in under 90 minutes of total drive time! We have been looking for indoor things to safely do for a while now OR even better – outdoor things to do while being surrounded by heaters, but now everyone is seriously looking. There’s no better way to warm up the belly than with a glass of wine (after a pre warming of coffee, of course!), so we put together a Winery Day Trip in the surrounding Oshkosh area. These wineries are all insanely close to Oshkosh.

Starting The Day Downtown Oshkosh

If you are doing the trip on a Saturday or Sunday, you pretty much have no choice but to start off with some delicious food. Bar 430 is a great bet. You will not regret starting your day here – their brunch menu has so many delicious choices, there is literally something for everyone on this menu.

Another really neat aspect is that they do have a whole section that has smaller dishes that are designed to be taken on the go, if that’s the route you choose to take! Don’t forget to just completely skip any boring at home coffee – Bar 430 has a list of some specialty coffee drinks that sound amazing. For example, salted caramel coffee. I will keep the ingredients up to the imagination, you have to try it for yourself. 

Note: Great local holiday shopping in Downtown Oshkosh, explore them here.

The Wine Route

  1. Start: Bar 430, Downtown Oshkosh
  2. Stops: 4 Wineries
  3. Total Drive Time: 1 hour, 25 minutes.
Oshkosh Winery Route
Four wineries in Oshkosh area in one hour and 25 minutes.

Stop 1: Vines & Rushes Winery

With a full belly, you are ready to make the 29 minutes (21.5 mile) drive over to Vine & Rushes Winery in Ripon. Vines & Rushes is an absolutely beautiful winery. According to their website, Vines & Rushes focuses on using “cold hardy grape varieties, capable of surviving Wisconsin’s frigid winters.” That’s one hardy species of grape!

They have an extensive wine list that seems to be able to suit everyone’s palette. Still hungry? Vines & Rushes has wood fired pizza. On their website they explain that their wood fire oven was made in Italy and that it gets so hot, their pizzas average a 90 second cook time! Now that is impressive. 

Credit: Vines & Rushes Winery

Stop 2: Lunch Creek Vineyard & Winery

From Vines & Rushes you will be making your way over to Lunch Creek Vineyard & Winery just West of Neshkoro. It will take you 36 minutes (26.9 miles) for this drive, but it does go through some of Wisconsin’s state natural areas – we can’t complain about seeing some of Wisconsin’s beauty while we drive! Lunch Creek has an extensive list of wines including a dessert wine – caramel apple flavor. It not only is the perfect flavor for the season, but after indulging on delicious food all day, this might be the best route to take! 

People visiting Lunch Creek Winery
Credit: Lunch Creek Winery

Stop 3: Pine River Winery

Your next stretch of the trip will be about 30 minutes (20.9 miles) long and it will take you over to Pine River Winery in Pine River, WI. Pine River Winery is a perfect hidden gem in this small town. They have a very extensive wine list, which is perfect, as it likely has something for everyone! Pine River is a place where you are apt to try something you haven’t before, and you’ll maybe find your new favorite! 

Pine River Winery Sign
Credit: Pine River Winery.

Stop 4: Rushford Meadery & Winery

As you loop back around closer to home, you will drive a short 18 minutes (13.8 miles) over to Rushford Meadery & Winery in Omro. At Rushford they focus on Mead, Wine and Cider. This winery has the perfect balance of different options to help end your wine filled day. Rushford hosts various events, too, which is a great addition to any winery! They also do local deliveries within 20 miles of Omro, just in case you don’t take enough bottles home after your day trip! 

Rushford Meadery hopped cider
Credit: Rushford Meadery

There is no bad day when it is filled with wine and good company. As always, we want everyone to drink responsibly and we strongly recommend to have a designated driver (DD) on this trip, or on any other of the like. TIP: Get your DD a couple take home bottles to enjoy at home at a later time, they’ll thank you later!

This entire trip took you to four wineries and one restaurant, for a total of 1 hour and 25 minutes (62 miles) worth of driving. That is the perfect distance for a fun day trip with friends, family or a date trip! As always and especially now with our ever changing COVID rules – check out the wineries Facebook pages and websites for any updates on product availability, hours of operation, and special guidelines. 

Let us and the rest of the world know – what wines are your favorites from these awesome wineries?

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