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Your Oshkosh Pizza Directory

Like pizza? Visiting or live in Oshkosh? Here’s everything you need to know about pizza places in Oshkosh!

Oshkosh is a city of character, and they support a lot of small, locally owned businesses which, lucky for you, they support a lot of pizza options! There’s actually over 50 Here are some of the best pizzas in Event City:

Red’s Pizza

An Oshkosh pizza gem, Red’s Pizza has been around since 1957. All of their ingredients, even their sausage is made in house. The owner, Steve Lawler told us of his family business, “I knew I wanted to be in the pizza business at about 8, 9 years old.” That’s dedication. With over 60 years of the same great thin crust pizza, you don’t want to miss Red’s

Red's Pizza Steve Lawler serving a pizza
Owner Steve Lawler serving up a fresh pizza.

Zaroni’s Pizza & Macaroni Pub

Before Zaroni’s became a super hero themed pizza shop, and Captain and Madame Zaroni took a pledge to rid the world of frozen pizza and dehydrated macaroni, the duo had over a decade of pizza experience under their belt. Zaroni’s take a massively unique approach to pizza in ‘Event City.’

Zaroni's, a Pizza place in Oshkosh
A Pizza of Month at Zaronis in Oshkosh

Make sure to check into Zaroni’s pizza of the month. They view pizza as an open-face-sandwhich, and the pizzas they come up with are pretty rad. Zaroni’s is a great place for kids, and “Captain Z” is a big supporter of the Oshkosh community.

Christianos Pizza

If you love brick oven, Italian pizza, Christianos is certainly a different flavor pizza for Osh. Christianos is a full pizza experience closer to the old world, but with a clean modern atmosphere. They certainly use tasty, fresh ingredients, and bring some flair to pizza in Osh.

Credit: Christianos Pizza

Christianos will be the most clean, modern, and sleek experience that you’ll find in town. Whites and greys, and subtle wood on the interior. The location edges on urban, and as stated, brings new flair to Oshkosh pizza!

West End Pizza

Across the street from the EAA grounds on the, go figure, Southwest side of Oshkosh you’ll find West End Pizza. A comfortable pizza joint with highly regarded pizzas and a full bar. West End Pizza is FOURTH-generation family owned business, so it’s as close to the heart of Oshkosh as you get.

Dr. Benzies Pizza

A true hidden pizza gem in Oshkosh and Northeast Wisconsin, Dr. Benzie’s can be described as a hole in the wall. With a very quaint location and appearance, Dr. Benzie’s provides shockingly amazing pizza! It’s certainly more than meets the eye when you drive past the small shop on the Northern end of Main Street in Oshkosh.

Dr. Benzies Pizza in Oshkosh
Credit: Dr. Benzies Pizza

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten at Dr. Benzies, but it sticks out to me as a great meal. If you’re coming from out of town, Benzies won’t be the most modern, urban experience you’ll find, but you’ll see another side of Oshkosh, WI that will make you love the heart of its citizens… Plus, apparently they have deals!

Ratch & Deb’s Pizza

Another quaint place, that could be described as a hole-in-the-wall in Oshkosh, Ratch & Deb’s has a strong reputation for great pizza!

Ratch & Deb's in Oshkosh
Credit Ratch & Deb’s Pizza

Ratch & Deb’s has a low-key environment with a lot of Packers memorabilia. They are famous for their bacon cheeseburger pizza and their great service.

Cranky Pat’s Pizza

Famous for their thin crust pizza, Cranky Pats is a small local chain with three locations. One of those locations is in Downtown Oshkosh. Cranky Pats has been in the Fox Cities since 1955!

Cranky Pat's
Credit: Cranky Pat’s Pizza

Cranky Pat’s also focuses on frequently bringing in live music, you can check out their upcoming events here!

Polito’s Pizza

Polito’s is a small Wisconsin pizza chain which originated in Steven’s Point. If you’re looking for great pizza by the slice, Polito’s is your only semi-local spot in Oshkosh. Unsurprisingly near the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Polito’s is a great place for anyone to enjoy a good slice or two.

Credit: Polito’s Pizza

Eaton’s Fresh Pizza

Looking for a great local take and bake local Oshkosh pizza? Eaton’s is what you’re looking for. Fresh ingredients, they’ve been in Oshkosh since 1980.

Local take and bake oshkosh pizza at Eaton's
Credit: Eaton’s Fresh Pizza

Conclusion & More Oshkosh Pizzas

Really want to dive into the Oshkosh dough scene? Check out “Pizza Matrix” some anonymous folks in Oshkosh have dedicated themselves to sample and rate the over 50 places that offer pizza in the city of Oshkosh… Rough life! Here’s their results.

Credit: Oshkosh Pizza Matrix

Osh Vegas has some great ‘za folks, and if you’re looking to explore the dough scene, this list and the “matrix” above should give you the motivation you need to indulge properly. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Oshkosh pizza place is!

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