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The story of Venture Wisconsin begins, naturally, on a road trip out of Wisconsin. In the summer of 2011, Evan Freimuth was on a family road trip to Dollywood, then Memphis, then home. It was about half way to Dollywood that Evan’s father informed his unorganized family that they were going first to Eastern Tennessee to an iron casting shop that was going out of business. There Mr. Freimuth told the family, “we’ll be picking up some fireplace doors.” Mr. Freimuth is a mason, and why not make the trip a business expense?

When they got within an hour of the failing busieness, Mrs. Freimuth remembered that her nephew lived in Tennessee, and asked if the family should see if they could visit. From there the Freimuth’s ended up in Eastern Tennessee, then tagging along to Six Flags in Atlanta, staying with the neighbor’s daughter in Atlanta, and heading to Savannah, Georgia, and the Atlantic Ocean. Don’t worry, they stopped in Memphis on the way back to Wisconsin.

This road trip reall stuck with Evan. It wan’t until 2014 at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh that Venture Wisconsin would leave the pen onto the paper.

Fall of 2014, Evan was sitting on a couch in a run down, Victorian era home from the late 1800s in the heart of Oshkosh. You know the kind of house that has wood flooring with holes missing and single pane glass windows? He wanted to get off that free, Craigslist couch and find some things to do in Oshkosh. Chasing this dream, and about three years of flushing out the business plan in a note book, Evan left UWO with a business degree and a new LLC. Venture Wisconsin was born.

Combining the experience of the spontaneous road trip, Evan’s father’s entrepreneurial history and his mother’s knack for entertaining guests, Venture Wisconsin springs to the scene. Our goal is to create and promote things to do in Northeast Wisconsin. Our goal is grow into Wisconsin’s most electrifying and exciting media company.

If you’re looking for culture, events, activities, and things to do in Northeast Wisconsin, you’ve found yourself in the right place! It’s our goal to help you enjoy your time here as much as humanly possible. Welcome!



Entertain you on and off the screen with awesome content and events. We want you to make the most of your community. Discovering and exploring the awesome things that Northeast Wisconsin offers.



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