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At Venture Wisconsin we have a passion for showing people a good time and making memories. Our goal is to create and promote things to do across Wisconsin. We believe that by promoting local businesses and getting people in Wisconsin to make the most of their free time, that we will help to foster stronger communities and culture with healthier people and businesses.

The idea of bringing people entertainment in as many ways possible was inspired by the active cultures of the West Coast, and the exciting opportunities that the internet has created for a culture as strong and unique as Wisconsin’s to find a voice.

We hope that our efforts make Wisconsin more exciting for young and creative people to call home. We believe that investing in our youth is the best way to building



Entertain you on and off the screen with awesome content and events. We want you to make the most of your community. Discovering and exploring the awesome things that Northeast Wisconsin offers.



Evan Freimuth

CEO & Branded Content Specialist

Camille Jurgella

Photographer/Content Specialist

Melanie Freimuth

Admin & Host

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